LE DIV4S, is a vocal ensemble, born from the meeting of 4 young sopranos, united by a passion for the opera and the idea of spreading the excellence of Italian music, through the search for an innovative language that could involve a younger and wider public and not just fans of the classic genre. The path starts with the reinterpretation of famous opera pages and it develops in reworking of highly popular pieces, both Italian and international, where the combination of classical vocals and pop rhythms becomes the focal point that will define the identity of the group.


LE DIV4S debuted in Rome alongside Andrea Bocelli, under the direction of Marcello Rota. Since then, in addition to the prestigious and ongoing collaboration with Bocelli who, with his countinous support, led them to perform all over the world supporting him in his concerts, their concert activity unfolds between collaborations with important foundation of tradition and great international events treading prestigious stages, both in Italy and abroad, always enjoying great success of critics and public, highly appreciated both for the great artistic preparation and for the originality of the project itself.


LE DIV4S have been guests of television programs in Italy such as L’anno che verrà RAIUNO, Divina Amalfi RAIDUE, Sanremo Music Festival RAIUNO, XXV Christmas Concert in Assisi, Mettiamoci all’Opera RAIUNO, and they held concerts in Verona (at the Philharmonic Theatre, Fondazione Arena di Verona, directed by Marcello Rota), in Bari (accompanied by the orchestra of the Teatro Petruzzelli), in Rome (Sala Sinopoli/Parco della Musica and Teatro Olimpico), in Bologna (Teatro Manzoni), at Layatico Theatre (with Andrea Bocelli) and internationally.


After consolidating the project in Italy, they are invited to perform internationally, first in Europe and subsequently in other countries: in Charleroi, Kiel and Copenhagen by Night of the Proms, in Palma de Mallorca (Ono Stadium), in Athens (Erode Attic and Salle de Megaron), London (Arena 02), in Dublin (The 02), in Manchester (Men Arena), in Liverpool, in Belfast, in Singapore (Grand prix F1), in Belgrade (Sava Center Hall).


LE DIV4S published a collection of songs, strong points of their concerts, presented as part of European tour Night of the Proms where they participated as famous Italian artists together with world-famous artists as Seal, Mick Hucknall of Simple Red, Nile Rodgers and Chic, James Blunt, performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the most prestigious stages of cities such as: Antwerp, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Mannheim, Dortmund, Luxembourg, Munich, Erfurt, Koln and Stuttgart.


LE DIV4S debuted with the live show Opera Tour which led them to perform in prestigious stages such as: in Moscow (International Music Center accompanied by the orchestra “The virtuosos of Moscow"), in Prague (Smetana Hall), in Riga (National Theater), in Belgrade (Sava Center Hall) and they have assisted Andrea Bocelli in Yerevan, in Moscow, in the UK Tour 2012 in Dublin (02 Arena), in Belfast (Odissy Arena), in Liverpool (Echoo Arena), in Birningham (LG Arena) and in Brazil in Sao Paulo (Jockey Club).


In addition to being protagonists on prestigious international stages in Dubai, Budapest (Papp Ladslo Sport Arena), Bucharest (Sala Palatului), Tallin (Nokia concert Hall), St. Petersburg (Palace Square next to IL DIVO formation), Cologne (Laxness Arena), Shanghai (Shanghai Grand Theater), Hong Kong (Film Festival), LE DIV4S were Guest Stare in Passion Andrea Bocelli’s World Tour performing in Emirates-Abudhabi, in Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Kuala, Lumpur), in Europe (Prague, Belgrade, Bucharest, Koln, Budapest), in South America (Mexico City, Santiago del Chile, Lima, Guatemala City) and in the USA (Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington, Tampa, Atlanta, Brooklyn).


LE DIV4S continue to be protagonists of concerts and to receive great appreciation all over the world, like in China (Whuan Qintai Concert Hall), in Copenhagen (Nordkraft Theater), in Mexico (Mazatlan Estadio Teodor National), Istanbul (Zorlu Center), in Lodz-Poland (Night of the Proms Atlas Arena), in Dubai (Meydan Beach Club), in Beyrut (Palais des Congres Dbayeh), Mexico City (Mexico City Arena), in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Arena of Stars).


Whit the tour The Great Italy .they become the protagonists of concerts in prestigious locations such as Palazzo Corsini in Florence, Palazzo Colonna in Rome, Palazzo Benzon in Venice, the Royal Palace of Caserta and, at international level, also in Baku, Azebaijan European Olympic Games, in Mersin, Turkey, International Music Festival, in Wroclav, Miejski Stadium and also with Andrea Bocelli, with whom they continue the historic collaboration.


In parallel with the concert activity, LE DIV4S were mainly engaged in the production of the new recording project which was a collection of new songs and new covers in collaboration with great names of Italian music.


Thanks to the publication of the first 2 songs Aria and Pregherei in Italy,Spain and America, LE DIV4S continue to perform their intense international concert activity but also alongside Andrea Bocelli:
In Shanghai,Pechino, New York, Miami, Moscow, Frankfurt, Istanbul and Italy in prestigious theatres such as the Greek Theatre of Taormina, Teatro Puccini in Torre del Lago, accompanied on the piano by Carlo Bernini and by prestigious orchestras under the guidance of great Italian directors such as Marcello Rota and Piero Romano.


LE DIV4S celebrate an important milestone in their career: “10 years of music together”. The year opens with the staging of the new theatrical production Aria-l'Italia a tempo di musica, a journey through time, told through a selection of Italian songs taken from the repertoir with which LE DIV4S performs all over the world, chosen to celebrate 10 years of career, at the same time as great concerts with the great Orchestra in the main Italian cities: Roma, Milan, Turin, Alba, Bari, Matera, Taranto until getting to the big concert at the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, where LE DIV4S come back by popular demand for the second consecutive year, accompanied by the orchestra and choir of the Taormina Opera Stars and at international level in Dubai, Monaco, Toronto, New York and Shanghai.


LE DIV4S continue to perform in the most prestigious international stages, conquering the public all over the world: Dubai, Tokyo, Mosca,Pechino, Shanghai, Roma,Dublino, Berlino, Istanbul. They also consolidate their collaboration with BVULGARI as a testimonial of Italian excellence in the world and begin an important collaboration in Messico with the largest non-profit organization in the world, Save the Children, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary


LE DIV4S begins the most difficult year for music, with a concert tour in Turkey accompanied by the state orchestra. In Italy they perform in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica accompanied by the State Police Band and chirurgo of Santa Cecilia. After the COVID emergency they resume their limited activity in Italy, performing at the Ancient Theater of Taormina with a tribute concert to Ennio Morricone.


LE DIV4S are invited to the Spoleto Festival dei due Mondi accompanied by the State Police Band directed by Maestro Maurizio Billi and abroad by the Ankara Presidential State Orchestra in Turkey with which they conclude the year. 2022 opens with a prestigious artistic partnership with maestro Roberto Molinelli which includes the development of a recording project and a concert tour that begins from Italy,in Pescara accompanied by the Abbruzzese Symphony Orchestra.


LE DIV4S is a year that marks the debut of two new productions for LE DIV4S:
“THE SEASONS”,for the first time ever Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons revisited for four sopranos and orchestra. An innovative arrangement of the most important themes of Vivaldi's masterpiece enclosed in 16 minutes of innovation, where the voices dialogue with the orchestra in a highly effective narration with words taken from Vivaldi's Sonetti, the same words with which the author described the its Seasons. A work made possible thanks to the genius and incomparable talent of Maestro Roberto Molinelli, arranger and director of the debut concerts and concerts scheduled for the 2023 Tour which sees the four sopranos engaged in a very demanding vocal challenge, accompanied by the Abbruzzese Symphony Orchestra.
"DINCANTO" A contest made of opera and dance. A cultural operation that sees LE DIV4S protagonists in a production by the historic Compagnia del Balletto di Roma with choreography and direction by Massimiliano Volpini, on original music taken from Vincenzo Bellini's works with revisited arrangements by Roberto Molinelli, director of the first debut performance in the temple of the Vincenzo Bellini Opera, the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania Closed 2022, the new challenge is called 2023, a year that will see them committed to celebrating their fifteenth year of activity with international commitments with an absolute leading role as ambassadors of Italian music in the world.